Your children, if exposed to secondhand smoke have double the risk of hospitalization for pneumonia or bronchitis. They are also more affected by ear infections and tonsillitis. Also passive smoking is a major contributory cause of asthma, particularly in severe attacks. Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the chances of developing lung cancer by 20-30%. Hundreds of deaths a year are due to this reason. Women exposed to secondhand smoke have double the risk of dying of a heart attack. Using V2 ecigs can make the process of quitting softer and less traumatic for the individual.

The benefits of quitting smoking

Now the good news here is that you will get some benefits by stopping smoking:

      It stops cough;

It improves resistance to fatigue;

Your skin is brighter;

Your breath is fresher;

Your clothes and the car does not smell anymore;

Your sense of taste and smell improve;

You have more money to spend as you wish;

Your life is no longer controlled by nicotine;

No more irresistible desire for the next cigarette;

It improves your health;

It improves the health of your family;

No longer receive criticism from non-smokers;

More self-confidence.

And if you stop smoking immediately look at what will happen after some time has elapsed:

20 minutes

Symptoms and benefits: Blood pressure and heart rate are normalized (quitting smoking helps immediately). You can regain energy to go online and look for V2 cigs coupon codes.

2 hours

Symptoms and benefits: The level of nicotine decreases and you begin to feel the desire for another cigarette. Stand strong in your purpose, you are a non-smoker. The craving (the symptoms related to nicotine abstinence) is not one of the benefits that quitting smoking leads to those embarking on this road, but these feelings quickly disappear, especially after using V2 ecigs.

8 hours

Symptoms and benefits: The level of nicotine has been reduced to half. The withdrawal symptoms and the desire to smoke increase. One of the benefits that V2 ecigs gives to those who undergo this therapy is the lesser intensity of these unpleasant sensations. Stopping will be so easy. The carbon monoxide is reduced with a consequent increase of oxygen levels. Smoking introduced thousands of toxins in your body with every cigarette and now the bronchial tubes begin to detoxify. It follows a bit of cough. A small annoyance which corresponds to numerous benefits.

24 hours

Symptoms and benefits: In your system there is more carbon monoxide, and the ability of blood to carry oxygen increases. All this together with the lowering of blood pressure, is liable to cause a little dizziness for a couple of days. Not smoking gives our body a spa (more oxygen, less monoxide) that we were no longer used to. Dizziness, often absent in those who use V2 e-cigarettes, will last one or two days, the benefits instead of a greater oxygenation will last forever. The cleaning system of the respiratory tree, formed by microciglia, operation resumes. Although it will be 100% only after a few weeks, since the beginning manage to expel mucus and toxins accumulated with smoking. Drink plenty of water and take vitamin C.

48 hours

Symptoms and benefits: Nicotine has left your body! Your sense of taste and smell begin to improve. You will get more pleasure from eating but do not overdo it. In particular, avoid sweets, snacks etc. It is better to eat fruits, vegetables and drink water. Finally you’ll be able to fully register the flavor of these fine foods. This counts among the many benefits of stopping smoking and it also gives back memory: you recall the taste of food that now you had forgotten. V2 ecigs don’t impair your sense of taste and smell and so you will not lose your capacity for enjoying good food. Coughing may increase, and this is not an ailment but a way to expel the accumulated poisons.

1 week

Symptoms and benefits: You may notice a temporary constipation (due to the lack of the stimulant nicotine). Continue to drink a lot and take foods rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grains). The cerebral blood flow increases. This may cause some headaches. Perform relaxation exercises, and drink a lot. Persist in the decision you made, continue to quit smoking in order to fully enjoy all the benefits that this road is already giving.