Is it an effective health measure to use vaporizers in order to smoke less?

The use of V2 electronic cigarettes to reduce consumption of cigarettes to reduce the risks of smoking is a possibility. Many studies on tens of thousands of smokers, indicate that permanently reducing your smoked tobacco, (which is very difficult), does not significantly reduce the health risks of smoking. Indeed, the smoker then modifies his smoking mode. Moreover, for many diseases related to smoking, the risk is already grave enough for very small quantity consumers. Finally, the risk of cancer especially increases with the number of years of smoking. Ignorance of this “false security” will allow the tobacco industry to continue selling tobacco while selling their own electronic cigarettes as well.

Should we allow vaping in public places?

While awaiting the opinion of the State Council asked by Honourable Minister of Health, the NCTC hope that we cannot vape where smoking is prohibited. Indeed, on one hand, from a health point of view there is a liability of vaping with nicotine into the blood of nonsmokers not vapers, and, secondly, from a preventive point of view, the ban on smoking in public places has to be of “de-normalize” smoking. This comeback displayed in public places of nicotine dependence and consumption through the use of electronic cigarettes will give a glamor to this addiction. Should we ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors?

There is no valid reason justifying the authorization of the sale to minors of a product that causes a powerful addiction. It is feared, in particular, the possibility that the use by young people of electronic cigarettes with nicotine can cause the installation of a nicotine addiction with chronic consumption and they may then switch to smokeless tobacco. V2 electronic cigarettes are subjected to appropriate laws within jurisdiction.

What is the desirable status of promo codes for v2 ecigs?

Whether devices or products consumed by vapers, to date there is no status or specific regulations existing regarding their sale outside the usual regulations for all products for human consumption. Tobacconists wish that V2 electronic cigarettes are sold in their establishments. However, it is not tobacco itself and their poor enforcement of legislation over the years (ban on sales to under 18 and compliance with the legislation on advertising at point of sale) justifies that we do not trust in this profession sale of such devices, and especially nicotine.

The NCTC recommends the exclusive sale in pharmacies for electronic cigarettes like the V2 cigs and especially nicotine. Responsible professionals can provide expert health advice, pharmacists are used to sell products toxic to health, some to treat addictions such as morphine derivatives. Moreover, it is not essential that a product is recognized as an effective drug with marketing authorization (MA) for it to be absolutely and exclusively sold in pharmacies. This position of the NCTC is very close to that of the government of Britain and future European Directive.

Is the advertising for electronic cigarettes censored?

This regulation of advertising depends on the status which will be retained for electronic cigarettes and thus their point of sale as well as the development of knowledge concerning their safety and possible interest as part of smoking cessation. Anyway, in the case of a device capable of maintaining a minimum or even to cause the strongest dependence on the market, there is no reason to let advertising, be it the lower health risks alleged or arguments undergoing weaning aid that is not scientifically demonstrated to date.

Regarding the nicotine market, is it necessary to use behavioral taxation?

It is desirable that the most dangerous products and the most costly to society, that is to say of smoked tobacco are the most taxed, that nicotine substitutes are not dangerous and that help to stop smoking are reimbursed by the Social Security and the tax status of electronic cigarettes is defined and adapted in between depending on the evolution of knowledge about them. A lot of research is ongoing and V2 ecigs are highly invested in this.