The war of Big Tobacco against electronic cigarettes like the V2 ecigs always has in store for us. Every day new “surprises”, many bordering on the ridiculous crop up. Going in this direction are some pseudo-research announced that are never actually completed or improbable warnings issued at a fixed date and taken up uncritically by the media. But there is a phenomenon that Big Tobacco cannot control at all: freedom of science to disassemble the buffaloes and the freedom of the network to make known the truth in the form of David Sweanor.

It happens in Canada these days. One of the main activists of the battles against the cigarette smoke has turned against many of his former colleagues, guilty of leading a battle against reputable ecigs like the V2 electronic cigarette instead of focusing on their old quest for the reduction of tobacco damage. At least it’s not as bad as the damage that is done on your wallet by paying full price for v2 ecigs. If you search around you can find various promos for V2 cigarettes coupons online.

David Sweanor is Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa and professor at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Nottingham. He spent more than 30 years in the battles against tobacco and traditional cigarettes. It was previously fundamental to convince the Canadian government to introduce higher taxes on cigarettes and ban smoking in public places. Sweanor has also worked for the World Bank and the World Health Organization to push tobacco control measures throughout the world. And now Sweanor has split the anti-smoking movement because he supports V2 ecigs and others.

“We know for decades that people smoke because of nicotine, which leads to many deaths because of the tar and smoke,” he explained. And when asked to compare the risks of smoking and those of vaping with vaporizers like the V2 ecigs, he replied: “Anyone who has an open mind and includes science, says there is no doubt and no comparison, electronic cigarettes are much less dangerous.” Analyzing why so many public health officials demonize nicotine electronic cigarettes, he explains that “those who admit this comparison makes the game of sellers of cigarettes, like a dragon that draws dragon hunters”.

Sweanor fears that if lawmakers and activists of Public Health will continue to support heavy restrictions for ecigs “will be how to send a message that vaping is no less dangerous than smoke. In this way there will continue to be diseases from smoking. It means to scare people and if you have some respectable institutions that continue to say these things, you end up equating the vaping to smoking. It is like telling smokers to continue smoking.” V2 ecigs have been known to help smokers quit smoking by easing them out of smoking slowly. It certainly is not the same as smoking.