The V2 electronic cigarette has seen its use grow exponentially while tobacco sales are declining and those of nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum, spray) stagnate. All these products, tobacco, electronic cigarettes and nicotine substitutes contain nicotine which is the most powerful among legal and illegal drugs on the market. This extremely addictive nature of nicotine, confirmed by a recent publication shows that placebo at 6 months, 44% of subjects dependent on opioids only stop their consumption, 18% of those addicted to alcohol, and only 8% tobacco smoking.

This addictive power of nicotine in tobacco, and the major health risks associated with smoking tobacco, makes 2/3 of smokers want to quit but they have great difficulty in achieving it. Some also test the electronic cigarette that has been touted, without formal proof, as an aid to stop smoking. Many have turned to V2 ecigs. As with any company, there are multiple places you can find v2 cigs coupons, such as

To date, unanswered questions abound about the use of the electronic cigarette. For this discussion, it is advisable to consider several points of view, that of smokers who want to quit, but also young people must be protected against the nicotine addiction, not to mention the overall cost to the consumer society of nicotine. This is why e-cigarettes like the ones made by V2 are getting more popular.

V2 electronic cigarettes are basically the same product as “vaporizers”, with the presence or absence of nicotine in varying concentrations. To date no standardization devices and products are consumed. The tobacco industry, which initially overlooked this potential market of nicotine, currently made considerable efforts to standardize electronic cigarettes and vaporizers products to take control of this market. For example BAT will launch an electronic cigarette model named “vype” then qu’Altria (Philip Morris) will offer theirs. The objective of the tobacco industry is to ensure that smokers remain slaves to their nicotine addiction as long as possible in order to sell their products up to a maximum time. This is directly in opposition to what V2 cigs try to achieve.

What are the health risks associated with the use of electronic cigarettes?

Currently, the research is still early. Yet it is very likely that vaporizers like V2 cigs are less dangerous than smoking, but any likely risk is yet to be confirmed and quantified. Recall that the inhalation of asbestos fibers, apart from massive exposure, does not translate into immediate clinical signs but by the occurrence of lung and pleura only after several decades. Furthermore, next to the active vapors, a liability exists vapors which results in the presence of nicotine in the blood of non-smoking non-vapers, and by observing subtle signs of impaired respiratory function in them.

Can electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking?

No valid scientific study is currently published from sufficiently large series of randomized journals to evoke a potential therapeutic effect on tobacco consumption. Of course, individual observations show that they stop smoking with electronic cigarettes as well as observations of failure after the use of vaporizers. The few published studies currently involve small numbers of vapers, and often methodologically “weak”; the observed frequency of people who have stopped tobacco consumption seems modest.