2 weeks

Now your brain is nicotine-free for quite some time. The most acute withdrawal symptoms have passed. It still takes some time before the brain receptors begin to function properly. Therefore, for a couple of weeks you might feel irritable and find it hard to concentrate. Explain to those around you what is happening and that you are not angry with them. You may also suffer a bit of trouble due to the normalization of your metabolism. This is also why you can gain a few pounds. Start doing a bit of exercise but do not overdo it. All these symptoms pass within a couple of weeks and will be only the benefits. When you use V2 ecigs in a bid to quit smoking can dramatically reduce these unpleasant sensations.

From 2 to 12 weeks

Benefits due to your decision to quit smoking with V2 ecigs begin to be more noticeable. The circulation continues to improve. Your feet, hands and skin receive more blood. Your skin starts to look brighter and younger. Continue to eat healthy and to exercise. The respiratory tract microciglia system ensures increasing cleaning of the bronchi. This may make you have a little cough, but it is a good sign, your lungs are regaining the functionality they had before you start smoking. You will also have saved approximately $50, which is exactly the amount of money you would have saved if you had used a V2 cigs coupon code.

From 3 to 9 months

From this moment, you will have far fewer problems of respiratory infections or sinusitis. Your lung capacity will have increased by 10% so as to enable you to better withstand the physical demands. Quitting smoking will allow you to help with physical stress that for years you were not able to perform. Even normal daily activities will be less strenuous.

5 years

The risk of heart attack will have been halved, as well as that of cancer of the mouth and throat. Smoking greatly increases these pathologies. Quitting reduces them and brings up your health to optimal levels.

10 years

The risk of lung cancer is now half that of a smoker, that of heart attack is equal to those who have never smoked and you will have also saved a lot of money, enjoying a much better health, better taste foods and more a master of yourself. Congratulations.

Other benefits

Every one of our patients who stopped smoking experienced a number of benefits that are the result of his personal history. Some people told us that quitting smoking has helped them grow in self-esteem, those who have witnessed the ability to re-manage their time, who are certain that if they continued to smoke would be a bad example for their children and so on. Surely you too, once you have stopped smoking, will be able to tell how many “personal” benefits you obtained. Write what you want with this decision and often reread. It’s the first step to quit for good.